Relaxation Techniques For Athletes

Relaxation Techniques For AthletesRelaxation is of great importance to any athlete trying for maximum functionality. Relaxation skills might help athletes reduce mental and physical anxiety, while increasing concentration and performance. Relaxation methods might be utilized before contest or, if practiced enough, during contest. There are various techniques for keeping cool prior to during competition. Breath controlled relaxation, mantra meditation, and blank meditation tools are used for controlling nervousness\/anxiety. Breath controlled relaxation is a technique which requires practice to learn properly. Begin from practicing once a day for 15-20 minutes at a time. Assume a sitting or lying position in a quiet place that’s free of distractions.


Exercise entails four steps and about 17-20 minutes to complete the whole technique. The four steps include: 1. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. For another 2-3 minutes, stay focused on the increase and fall of your chest. Note that your breathing is steady and calm. Next, focus your attention on the sound of your breathing. As you unwind more your breathing will get louder. Keep it steady and calm for 2-3 minutes. Make certain to remain relaxed because you listen to your breathing. Now allow your chest muscles to unwind each time you exhale. Additionally, permit your torso muscles to fall deeper and deeper inside you on every exhalation.


relaxation exercises for athletesRemember to help keep your breathing steady and calm. Continue to unwind in this manner for 3-4 minutes. With your chest muscles completely relax and resting deep inside you, listen to your breathing. Now continue to unwind for approximately ten minutes. Then count down in 5-1 and open your eyes. The above text comes from a post on SelfHelp Magazine by Michael Bohnstengel. Bohnstengel goes on to discuss practical methods that you could employ including at least 3 meditation techniques.