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Red Raspberry Ketones

Red Raspberry KetonesRaspberry, along with blueberry and blackberries, are one of North American many native superfoods. Related to the rose family, red raspberry are believed to have originated in Eurasia, and after that were carried by animals and individuals across the Arctic land bridge to the Americas. Black raspberry are indigenous to the Americas. The straightforward raspberry helps your body beat cancer. Raspberry can stimulate your bodys stem cells response to promote healthful bones and speed up bone repair after fractures. Researchers in Japan found that taking an extract of red raspberry stimulated collagen and factorial response growth, and encouraged stem cell differentiation into specific types of stem cell that promotes bone formation.

This is only the beginning of the list of the raspberrys powers. Antioxidant Value of Red Raspberry – The healing power in raspberry comes from their high anti-oxidant value. Red raspberry are high in vitamin C, quercitin, and gallic acidall compounds that fight cancer, prevent coronary disease, and slow aging. They also have ellagic acid, a health giving compounding which has anti inflammatory properties. Health professionals believe that the best ellagic acid is found in red raspberries. The American Cancer Society suggests that ellagic acid might slow the growth of some forms of tumors. The way it works hasnt been completely studied yet, but there appears to be an anti oestrogen connection.


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Ellagic acid can also reduce heart problems, birth defects, liver problems, and help promote wound healing. Raspberry Ketones Improve Metabolism – In Japan, raspberry extract is utilized for fat raspberry ketones benefits Research shows that compounds called keytones which are found in abundance in red raspberry help metabolize fat. America is catching on. Dr. Oz called raspberry ketone fat burners in a bottle. Raspberry ketones is a natural phenolic compound, which gives red raspberry their distinctive aroma.


Nevertheless, since the level of ketones in raspberry is very small, you’ve to take a lot to get the weight reduction effect. Supplement companies extract and concentrate raspberry ketone and raspberry ketones max slim bottle them for market. To be effective, however, you may have to take several thousand times the natural concentration of ketones found in a cup of fresh berries. The chemical structure of raspberry ketone is comparable to synephrine, a stimulant compound used for fat loss. The research has been conducted on mice, not people, and results varied. Synephrine is an alkaloid found in some plants and animals, and also in approved drugs products as neo synephrine.


Black raspberry are native to North America. Studies suggest that black raspberry have a lot the same cancer protective effects as red raspberries. With regards to anti-oxidant value, black raspberry come out on top. Research at the University of Oregon places the anti-oxidant ORAC values of black raspberry as much higher than red ones. Whole, Fresh Versus Extract – eat whole, fresh raspberry is better than consuming extracts.